Artistic License Revoked!



Artistic License REVOKED!


Hey guys! Been awhile… hope everyone had a great Halloween! 🙂 Quick update: I’m currently revisiting/redrawing/reproducing my old LEO newspaper comic strip “Artistic License Revoked” with the goal of collecting a “Best Of” series in book form that will eventually be for sale in my etsy store. If you aren’t familiar with the comic, it’s basically me and my buddy Mark, as 2 struggling writers just trying to catch their big break. Stay tuned for more comics and updates coming soon! Thanks for reading! 

Word Aversion

ALRGRS01I heard a theory once that whoever invented the names for our human private parts must have been prudes, because the words they came up with make you never want to talk about them. I might have to agree with that.  I think also we can all pretty much unanimously agree that the word “moist” needs to be eradicated from the english language.  I did have a lot of fun composing a list of other disgusting words to use in this comic suggested to me by all my friends and co-workers, though.  Everybody had at least one to throw in the mix.  And in addition to all the ones I used, I also have a short list of 5 words that I personally despise.  I don’t really have a rational explanation as to why I hate them exactly, I just do. So here goes…

The first on my list is the word “titties.” Hate, hate, HATE that word. I know guys use it all the time, I don’t care, I can’t I can’t can’t I just can’t do it. It sounds completely redneck and I am from Kentucky! Nope. Just can’t do it.

Number two would have to be “lover.”  I mean, why? WHY?! Why would anyone EVER use that word to describe their partner?!? Please don’t.

Third, “creamy.”  Ehhhhhhhh, I don’t know, ok? I don’t know why. It just makes me cringe.

Fourth, “exquisite.” Ugh! If you use this word to describe something, especially food, you’re an A-hole.

And speaking of food, number five on my list is the word “beefaroni.”  Could there a be a less appetizing, less appealing word to describe something you eat?! I challenge you to find one. “kumquat” might come in second, but it’s still MILES behind beefaroni! Gag!

Feel free to comment below with your own list of words that make you cringe!

Anyway, I started “Artistic License Revoked” back in 2010, and despite all the zany, silly shit that goes on inside the panels, at it’s core, the comic has always been about 2 struggling writers trying to catch their first big break.  And for that reason, the strips like this one will always be my favorite because it reminds me of the days when my friend Mark and I were writing our first novel, struggling through crappy bill-paying jobs, and hoping to catch our first big break.  We’re still struggling five years later, still writing, still dreaming… but we’ve come a long way and not quite ready to give up just yet!  And in the meantime (while we’re waiting for Spielberg to call us for the movie rights to one of our stories!) at least I have plenty of material for a comic strip 🙂  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more Artistic License Revoked coming soon!



Special Thanks to Joe Benitez’s Lady Mechanika and!  Stay tuned for the next adventure with our 2 favorite struggling writers as they get one step closer to catching their big break!  If you’re not following Mind Circus Comics, now is a great time to start 😉 Thanks for reading!