Havoc Force Villains!


So as promised in my previous post, here they are… the villains of HAVOC FORCE!  (Vanquish, Dr. Delirium, and Snake Woman!)

I wanted all the baddies of this book to have really wild hair, and I wanted to use a color scheme similar to the golden days of comics where the villains predominately wore green, purple, and orange (while the heroes were typically in red, blue, and yellow).  Might be hard to see, but Dr. Delirium’s eyes are purple, and I also wanted the character to have kind of a continuing purple theme as well.  I don’t know if its true or not, but I read somewhere that purple is the color of madness, and for whatever reason that just stuck with me.

Looking forward to introducing these characters in upcoming comics so stay tuned for more HF updates, and thanks for reading!  🙂


Havoc Force Coming Soon!

Hopefully just a month (2 at the very most) away from the release of my comic book Havoc Force! Can’t wait! Here is a panel from the book, starring my 2 villains Dr. Delirium and Scarlett Fever! haha! Hey, this is a comic its supposed to be fun! Stay tuned!VillainPanel


My newest comic project! A goofball super-hero team so ridiculous, so unnecessary, and so unintentionally destructive that you pray they DON’T show up when you need help…HAVOC FORCE!

Your heroes are Outburst, Granite, and Fraction!

When I was creating these characters, I tried to think of the most fun, but equally destructive superpowers I could possibly give them.   I wanted them to be like children playing in an antique china shop.  They don’t mean any harm, but you just KNOW something is gonna get broken in the process!

For example, Outburst, the team’s leader, can spontaneously combust or even explode her own body mass when she gets angry!  Which will likely happen a lot in this story since her boyfriend, Granite, is kind-hearted but somewhat dim-witted hero who tends to screw things up unintentionally, infuriating Outburst.   Good thing he is indestructible, or he’d probably be blown to bits by page two!  (coincidentally, Granite is the only relationship that Outburst has ever had that lasted longer than two weeks.)  And last but certainly not least, is Fraction, who can create physical duplicates of himself.  He’s a one-man army!  and why not?  He can do more damage that way!

I wanted their final costume design to resemble caution tape/caution stripes/hazard signs/speed bump/ect., to obviously reflect danger.  But I also wanted to go with a very simple design underneath that I could do a lot with as far as changing colors or adding little details here and there if I ever want to.

And of course, every good superhero comic needs an even better rogue’s gallery!  The treacherous lead villains of HAVOC FORCE are:  Vanquish, Scarlett Fever, and the evil Dr. Delirium! more on them later!  stay tuned!