Noo Comic! (Really Bro?)

NoocomicHi everybody! Been awhile, I know, but I wanted to say hi, and that I renewed the domain for my website so hopefully I’ll get back to posting more comics and art soon!

I wanted to write a little bit here. It’s not necessary for anyone to read it. It’s more for myself. You know how it is, sometimes writing out your thoughts helps you tidy up the work station in your mental office. Anyway 3 years ago started taking an anxiety medication called Sertraline. And it worked. It did exactly what I was told it would do. My bubbling, fizzy anxieties began to settle down, I could smile at work and around my friends again, and things were OK. This year was fine too. More of the same. Even got a new apartment that I love. But lately I’ve been feeling differently. Wondering if I needed to still take the pills. I think Jim Carrey described it best when he said:

“I was on Prozac for a long time. And I’m not sure, it may have helped me out of a jam for a little bit… but people stay on it forever. I had to get off at a certain point because I realized… everything was just OK. There are peaks there are valleys, but they’re all kind of carved and smoothed out. And it feels like a low level of despair you live in. Where you’re not getting any answers, but you’re living OK. And you can smile at the office. But it’s a low level of despair.”

I just wanted a change. I had been reading about this all natural nootropic supplement that was supposed to enhance mental performance, increase focus and clarity, help with concentration and improve memory… all sounded good to me! I was excited to try it. Maybe it was what I needed to spark back. And I also thought it would be a good time to discontinue the medicine I had been on the past few years. (A somewhat risky decision to abruptly stop without consulting my doctor first, I know. But I was on the lowest dose prescribed and was confident I’d be fine without it.) That was 2 weeks ago. And I believe now I made the wrong decision. The supplement is fine, but coupled with the adjustment of quitting the Sertraline, I am not. Mentally, I feel out of whack. Irritated and impatient with almost everything and everyone, even though I’m trying hard to not take it out on anyone. It’s no-one’s fault that I feel this way except for my own anyway. I think that low level despair Jim Carrey was talking about, for me, came more from loneliness and drinking too much, not from the medicine. In fact, Sertraline did a whole lot of very positive things for me. I just thought I’d feel more like myself if I stopped taking it, but I don’t. I feel moody and anti-social, and that’s not me. So I think I’ll chat with my doctor, and maybe wean myself back on the Sertraline. Level myself out. There may come a day to stop taking it, but I don’t think it’s the right time for me. And I’m OK with that. The REAL changes I need to make aren’t gonna be found in a pill anyway, and I know that. I just need to focus on eating healthier, drinking less, exercising more, striving to achieve my creative goals, and have a little faith! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Artistic License Revoked!


Artistic License REVOKED!


Hey guys! Been awhile… hope everyone had a great Halloween! 🙂 Quick update: I’m currently revisiting/redrawing/reproducing my old LEO newspaper comic strip “Artistic License Revoked” with the goal of collecting a “Best Of” series in book form that will eventually be for sale in my etsy store. If you aren’t familiar with the comic, it’s basically me and my buddy Mark, as 2 struggling writers just trying to catch their big break. Stay tuned for more comics and updates coming soon! Thanks for reading! 

Almost Like Maturity

juicySunday comics = color! (I need the practice painting anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve picked up a brush.) I mentioned in my last post about my back and leg hurting, and it keeping me from running… thing is, I never imagined it would depress me so bad. I try to hide it though, nobody likes a whiner. And, like always, ART is there to keep me together! (and humor, I’ve been watching a lot of stand-up comedy lately) Anyway, hope you enjoyed the comic, and stay tuned to Mind Circus Comics! Thanks for reading 🙂

Family Night Revisited!

Back in 2010 I created a comic strip called “Family Night” and recently I decided to re-draw a few them just for fun. But also I wanted to apply some of the things I’ve learned since then, and share with you some of my early mistakes as a cartoonist. Not necessarily as a tutorial on how to make comics (I’m certainly not qualified to do that, I’m still learning how myself!) but to maybe give others a few examples of how we grow as artists, and how it’s all part of the process. My jokes are still LAME, of course. But I think I’m a bit better at telling them now 😉 Bob the Builder

Back then I wasn’t inking my pencil work because I was stubborn and I believe my artwork suffered for it, as you can see from the difference between the comic above drawn in 2010 and the one below drawn in 2016. I think this is a good example of how inking your line work can make your art pop, and simply give it a more finished, polished look to it. I still use my pencils to give some grey tone, but I think inking makes the art look more bold.


The next comic is another example of my massive failing as an artist early on, and that is: BACKGROUNDS. Or rather, my complete LACKING OF. I was lazy, and it showed in my work. FAM00701

This comic was muddy and dirty, but with a little ink and the addition of some simple backgrounds, I think it polished up nicely 🙂


My third comic is yet another example of my early failure as a cartoonist in that I often used WAY too much unnecessary dialogue. I took an already not that great joke, and ran it straight into the ground. Booooo! Not funny!FAMN0601

But thanks to the counsel of my friend and fellow artist Stephen Johnson, I was able to learn from my mistake. He pointed out to me that this comic should’ve been a 3-panel strip, period. The punchline was in the third panel, the entire fourth panel was completely unnecessary, and he was absolutely right. FamilyNightSerendipity

Boom. Done. Much better. And lastly, I have this comic. Note the fact that I didn’t even bother to draw the white part in my eyes back then. Just black dots. My laziness apparently knew no bounds…FAMNPB01

I didn’t really add a whole lot to this one, but I think the addition of the inks, and the subtraction of even just a few unnecessary words made it just a little bit better overall.


Well, thanks for reading! Hopefully I didn’t bore you too bad, and maybe even helped you in some small way to improve your own comics through my mistakes. I definitely would like to re-do a few more of these old comics and archive them in a book someday… but for now I’m off to my next comic project! Stay tuned! 🙂