Noo Comic! (Really Bro?)

NoocomicHi everybody! Been awhile, I know, but I wanted to say hi, and that I renewed the domain for my website so hopefully I’ll get back to posting more comics and art soon!

I wanted to write a little bit here. It’s not necessary for anyone to read it. It’s more for myself. You know how it is, sometimes writing out your thoughts helps you tidy up the work station in your mental office. Anyway 3 years ago started taking an anxiety medication called Sertraline. And it worked. It did exactly what I was told it would do. My bubbling, fizzy anxieties began to settle down, I could smile at work and around my friends again, and things were OK. This year was fine too. More of the same. Even got a new apartment that I love. But lately I’ve been feeling differently. Wondering if I needed to still take the pills. I think Jim Carrey described it best when he said:

“I was on Prozac for a long time. And I’m not sure, it may have helped me out of a jam for a little bit… but people stay on it forever. I had to get off at a certain point because I realized… everything was just OK. There are peaks there are valleys, but they’re all kind of carved and smoothed out. And it feels like a low level of despair you live in. Where you’re not getting any answers, but you’re living OK. And you can smile at the office. But it’s a low level of despair.”

I just wanted a change. I had been reading about this all natural nootropic supplement that was supposed to enhance mental performance, increase focus and clarity, help with concentration and improve memory… all sounded good to me! I was excited to try it. Maybe it was what I needed to spark back. And I also thought it would be a good time to discontinue the medicine I had been on the past few years. (A somewhat risky decision to abruptly stop without consulting my doctor first, I know. But I was on the lowest dose prescribed and was confident I’d be fine without it.) That was 2 weeks ago. And I believe now I made the wrong decision. The supplement is fine, but coupled with the adjustment of quitting the Sertraline, I am not. Mentally, I feel out of whack. Irritated and impatient with almost everything and everyone, even though I’m trying hard to not take it out on anyone. It’s no-one’s fault that I feel this way except for my own anyway. I think that low level despair Jim Carrey was talking about, for me, came more from loneliness and drinking too much, not from the medicine. In fact, Sertraline did a whole lot of very positive things for me. I just thought I’d feel more like myself if I stopped taking it, but I don’t. I feel moody and anti-social, and that’s not me. So I think I’ll chat with my doctor, and maybe wean myself back on the Sertraline. Level myself out. There may come a day to stop taking it, but I don’t think it’s the right time for me. And I’m OK with that. The REAL changes I need to make aren’t gonna be found in a pill anyway, and I know that. I just need to focus on eating healthier, drinking less, exercising more, striving to achieve my creative goals, and have a little faith! 🙂

Thanks for reading!



ALRPOO01Depression. It’s such a loaded word. But we’ve all been there. One minute you’re skipping along the yellow brick road in your merry own land of Oz… and then out of nowhere, POW! Life takes a swing at you, and down, down you go. What’s the Sinatra line…You’re flyin’ high in April, shot down in May? It’s something like that. Luckily though, we always manage to pick ourselves back up. We bounce back. It’s what we do. That is, until all the hits start to take their toll. And the day comes when life knocks you down, and you just don’t feel like getting back up. You don’t eat, you can’t sleep. You stop smiling. You find that you can barely function, and you just want to be alone. All the things in your life that used to charge you up with excitement just don’t send the same electricity through you anymore. And one by one, the lights go out. And things get darker.

Yeeeah. Been there. Good times!

But you know, as a very wise wizard once said, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” And while I’m neither capable nor qualified to be giving out medical advice, I CAN tell you what helps me when I get the blues…

For one, start a blog. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s free. I like WordPress, but there are a bunch of others. It’s a great way to express yourself creatively through writing, poetry, comics, art, photography, or whatever your passion is, and I think you might find it helpful to get your feelings out when you are going through a hard time. It certainly helped me. If you ever start one, please send me a link. I would love to read it 🙂

The second thing I might suggest is go for a walk. It always helps to clear my head and center me. Also, I really do believe sunlight helps. A lot of people are Vitamin D deficient and may not even realize it. There is a link to low Vitamin D and depression, and it never hurts to ask your doctor about it if you’ve been feeling down. I would think a simple multivitamin in general is a good idea anyway, right? I take one. But also take into consideration that I have a diet similar to an unsupervised 10 year old, so I probably need all the help I can get.

Third would be talk to a counselor. It helps, it really does. No, they can’t solve all your problems in an hour, but they LISTEN. And they’ll throw out ideas to you that later will seem so simple, and you will think, why the hell didn’t I see that before??? But when we are caught up in that negative cycle, it can be hard to see past our own whirlwind of emotions. Sometimes all we need is just to be taken by the hand and led to better path. And if your financial situation is all that’s holding you back from seeking help, it might be worth mentioning that even with a very average insurance plan, my therapy is only 25 bucks. Seriously, it’s worth it.

Lastly, if things get too tough and no amount of Friends re-runs, mint chocolate chip ice cream, or “uplifting” Pinterest quotes seem to help anymore… Trust me on this.

Well, I hope I haven’t turned you from Tigger into Eeyore with all my depression talk here! I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts while I was on the subject. Sometimes it helps to hear that other people feel the same way. But not to worry! I’ve got lots more upbeat comics coming your way to cheer you up so stay tuned! Best of luck and thanks for reading! 🙂