It Costs To Be Broke…


I got a love/hate thing with used bookstores. On the one hand you can find lots of great stuff cheaper than at regular booksellers (are there any still around anymore?) On the other hand, I always feel somewhat resentful after I sell a load of my most treasured books and walk away with only six dollars.  But hey, that’s business. And really, I’m more resentful of myself for the fact that I have to sell my books in the first place.  Speaking of being broke… you may have noticed a lack of color in my recent comics, well, that’s because I need to buy more art supplies. Whaddya gonna do.

Anyway on a more positive note… Joyland, the new novel by Stephen King came out this week, which I will DEFINITELY be purchasing and reading (and unfortunately sometime in the future probably re-selling to a used bookstore for gas money) but nevertheless I can’t wait get my hands on a copy!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!


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