Cupcake (1999? – 2013)


Had to bury my little friend today.  She starred in many of my old Family Night comic strips, and I will always miss her.


Holiday Shopping

my first real experimentation with color.  obviously digital coloring is the preferred method but I’m not skilled enough to go that route.  So, I just used good old fashioned color pencils.  The result turned out okay I guess, but a Christmas comic needs a little color for sure!  wish I would’ve added some snowflakes falling in the first panel though…

Lemon Drop

There is a tiny moral to this comic, are you ready?  If you spend your life trying to be “cool” instead of just being yourself, you might miss out on the things you really want.  Even if that happens to be a lemon drop 🙂

Family Night goes Hollywood!

Director’s Commentary:  I just saw the trailer for the new “Snow White and the Huntsman” movie and I must say, I was completely sold!  The movie looks phenomenal!  …I did find it a little amusing how Hollywood can remake just about ANYTHING and turn it into some big epic action-adventure tale though lol.