Artistic License REVOKED!


Hey guys! Been awhile… hope everyone had a great Halloween! 🙂 Quick update: I’m currently revisiting/redrawing/reproducing my old LEO newspaper comic strip “Artistic License Revoked” with the goal of collecting a “Best Of” series in book form that will eventually be for sale in my etsy store. If you aren’t familiar with the comic, it’s basically me and my buddy Mark, as 2 struggling writers just trying to catch their big break. Stay tuned for more comics and updates coming soon! Thanks for reading! 

Something Bad Inside…

Inktober is just a few days away! Who’s ready?!

The REAL Comic Book Men

realcomicbookmenI think every comic book fan at one point fantasized about owning his or her own comic shop. But I think it goes beyond just the fun side of it.  It’s the American Dream, really.  Being able to one day go to work and do what you love to do. I’ve worked full time at the same job for 2 decades now, and I’m grateful for it. Honestly.  But it’s what I DO. It’s not who I AM.  And I will never let go of my artistic dreams and creative goals, like one day being a published author, or a famous cartoonist. Or even co-owning a comic shop with a few of my buddies 😉

Touching A Nerve

sciatica*Sigh* So I’m currently dealing with some sciatic pain and possibly a herniated disc issue in my back. I’ve talked to my doctor about it but I haven’t gotten an X-ray yet to get the ball rolling. I was kinda hoping it would just go away or get better on its own? The pain isn’t overwhelming or anything, but I definitely had to stop running for sure. Which I’m SUPER bummed out about because it’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing everyday this past year, I was feeling great (maybe better than I’ve ever felt!) until this sciatic nerve shit flared up and really threw a wrench in my spokes.  Kinda wrestling with a bout of depression over it, I guess maybe I was getting that runner’s high/endorphin boost everyday and now it’s gone.  Plus, even being in a low amount of pain but constantly kinda wears you down. But! I’m hopeful it’ll get better, and I’ll be able to get back to the track again someday. In the meantime… COMICS!