About Bruce Thomas

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to Mind Circus Comics!  My name is Bruce Thomas. I am a writer and a comic artist, and a proud member of the Louisville Cartoonist Society.  I love creating, designing and telling stories in the visual medium of comics, and I look forward to sharing them with you! If you live in Derby City, you can check out my comics in LEO, along with other members of the Louisville Cartoonist Society!  Please feel free to browse my site, leave your name, or just enjoy a comic or two and have a laugh…

Stay tuned for future works, and drop by as often as you’d like; my door is always open.

Keep in touch!



16 thoughts on “About Bruce Thomas

  1. I really like this website. It’s really good to see local Louisville talent being developed to this degree. Keep it up please.

  2. Bruce–working on a workbook project that requires simple line illustration for a local nonprofit……small budget, but interesting. If interested in exploring. Call me at 502.693.1506 or email me. Thanks.

  3. Howdy Bruce,

    My name is Ben. I run http://www.comicdujour.com. We are a webcomic site that feature a new comic and artist 3 times a week. I’ve looked through some of your work, and would like to feature you on our site! If you would like to be featured, we will be displaying one of your comics. You will get full recognition as your comic will have your name attached to it, along with a profile link/website and your location if you wish.

    I’m hoping to have a competition based system developed soon too, so if your comic gets voted well enough, you could even with money or some sort of prize!

    Are you interested? If so, I will need the following details from you:
    – a comic to display (you can pick your favourite, or you can let someone here pick one for you if you would like)
    – name of artist

    And you can optionally give the following information for display:
    – location of artist
    – link to a website/profile of the artist

    It is quickest to reach me at ben@comicdujour.com.


  4. Hi Bruce, I lead a Girl Scout troop and we are working on various requirements for badges. One of the badges we can complete in the next few years is comic artist. We are involved in a project with the Little Loomhouse here in Louisville that may allow us to create a strip that meets all the requirements except for the most important, getting input from an expert! Wondering if you might be interested in spending an hour or three with my girls (Middle School) and helping us out. Please give me a response if this works for you.

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