My Top Ten Favorite Comics Of 2015

Ever walk into a comic shop and just feel so overwhelmed or turned off by all the covers and capes that you don’t know where to begin? Well, not to worry I’m here to help! Haha! I’ve made a list of my Top Ten favorite comics on the shelves these days to give you a start…

10. “Harley Quinn” by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti & Chad Hardin

HarleyQuinnComicEveryone’s favorite lunatic.  It’s a fun book, the art is great, and I think it’s worth the read if you’re a fan of the CRAZY.

9. “Chew” by John Layman & Rob Guillory


Another really fun book. It’s about a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agent who solves crimes by receiving psychic impressions from anything he eats…including people. I mean, c’mon. And if that isn’t enough to perk your taste buds (haha) then check it out for Guillory’s artwork! His cartooning and expressions are amazing!

8. “Hawkeye” by Matt Fraction & David Aja


A very well written, beautifully drawn, incredibly fun comic with some of the most creative and inventive storytelling I’ve seen in comics today. A great read for anyone who is looking for a slightly more down-to-earth superhero comic.

7. “Batgirl” by Cameron Stewart & Babs Tarr


Gotta be honest here…the writing is fine, but I buy this book solely because of Babs Tarr’s gorgeous artwork. Her work is amazing, and might be my favorite of anyone working in comics today.

6. “Rat Queens” by Kurtis J. Wiebe & Roc Upchurch


A fantasy comic series about “four rambunctious, foul mouthed adventurers in a medieval setting.” With all female leads, the main cast consists of “a hipster dwarf, a hippy halfling, a rockabilly elf, and an atheist cleric,” and believe me, they are all just as incredibly fun as they sound! Plus they all drink and cuss like sailors, which only adds to the hilarity. This book is like Lord of the Rings meets Sex in the City meets…I don’t know what, but I highly recommend this series! You will love it!

5. “East of West” by Johnathan Hickman & Nick Dragotta


A futuristic sci-fi post apocalyptic western that I’ll admit I have to keep re-reading to fully understand what is going on at times. But I’m always impressed with just how INVOLVED the story is.  Not a comic you can flip through in 5 minutes and expect to get the most out of it.  But if you’re a patient reader, this book will reward you.

4. “Wytches” by Scott Snyder & Jock


Scott Snyder is one of the best writers in comics today. And if you like the horror genre, this is the book for you.  It’s genuinely creepy and never holds back. Jock is amazing as well, and his artwork has a simplicity, but also a realism that makes the story that much more believable. And scary.

*The image above was a Wytches #1 variant cover by Dustin Nguyen.

3. “F.B.P. (Federal Bureau of Physics)” by Simon Oliver & Robbi Rodriquez


This book is so much fun, I promise you. Tumble down the wormhole where “the impossible is always possible…” and check it out!

2. “Saga” by Brian K. Vaughan & Fionna Staples


I really can’t say enough good things about this book.  When anyone who isn’t familiar with comics asks me what they should read, I always direct them to Saga.  You will not be disappointed.

1. “American Vampire” by Scott Snyder & Rafael Albuquerque


My absolute favorite comic. And I seriously don’t even LIKE vampires. There is quite a bit of history here (figuratively and literally) being that there are 34 issues of the first series, 2 spin-offs, a one-shot, an anthology, (and are now well into a SECOND cycle of the series) but believe me, the story of the 2 main characters lives and their journey over the course of American history is nothing short of EPIC. The writing and the artwork are phenomenal. I truly love this book!

Well, there ya go! These are all just my humble opinions of course (and who really cares what I think) but still I hope that I’ve given someone who might be interested in comics a bit of direction if they are looking for a good place to start. I also love “The Walking Dead” by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard, but I didn’t add it to my list because at this point I really don’t think that book needs any help lol. It’s The Walking Dead, OF COURSE you should read it! Anyway thanks for reading! I plan on doing a Top Ten List of current graphic novels as well so stay tuned!

*I have to add one amendment to my list here (having only discovered this comic series AFTER I made my top ten list) but it is definitely worth the addition:


“Shutter” by Joe Keatinge & Leila Del Duca. It’s almost impossible to describe the series: it’s got urban fantasy, guns, anthropomorphic animal characters running around, dinosaurs, dragons, a talking alarm cat clock, and even a skeleton butler! (and if anyone is familiar with my own comics you already know how much I love skeleton characters, as I have one in my Harlee and the Deadman series!) Anyway this comic is fantastic! I will definitely be keeping up with this series in 2015!


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