My dream cast for Stephen King’s The Stand movie…

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with comics, BUT… “The Stand” is my favorite novel by Stephen King. And recently there has been a lot of buzz online about Hollywood taking another shot at bringing the book to life on the big screen. For the record I really enjoyed the ABC mini series from the 90’s directed by Mick Garris. I thought it was a great adaptation of the story, and very well casted. But I’m also really excited about seeing a new version brought to life, and just for fun I thought I would come up with my own dream cast for this movie! So here goes…

Stuart Redman 0909-eric-banaI wish Kevin Costner, but unfortunately I think he’s just a little too old for the part. I hear people say Timothy Olyphant would be great, and I would agree.  But I think I might have to go with Eric Bana on this one.

Frannie Goldsmith


Lauren Cohan. That is all.

Larry Underwood


Some of the old school fans of the book may balk at my pick (I know King said he had Bruce Springstein in mind when he wrote the character) but hear me out… JT has got the looks, he can act, sing, and he knows music.  He IS a modern day Larry Underwood.  I “stand”  by my choice ha!

Nadine Cross


Nadine is a mysterious character in the novel, at least to me anyway. And I think Morena Baccarin could totally pull it off.

Harold Lauder

Alexander Koch

josh gad

As far as capturing the dark and twisted spirit of the character, I know Alexander Koch would be perfect for the role.  His character Junior Rennie on CBS’s Under The Dome (another King adaption) has a possessive nature and a darkness in him at times that almost reminds me of Harold Lauder.  But realistically I believe he is simply too good looking for the role.  Maybe that’s superficial, but Harold is supposed to be an outcast who has major problems getting girls (particularly Fran) and I seriously doubt Alexander has any trouble with that. Ultimately I would have to go with Josh Gad.  And I don’t mean that as an insult to either actor, they are both terrific, but I just think Gad might be better suited for the role.

Nick Andros


Steven Yeun.  Might be a slightly different take on the character? But I know he could do it.

Tom Cullen


Tough character to cast, but I imagine Tom Cullen to be a big, sweet natured, simple guy, and who could pull that off?  M-O-O-N, that spells John Kransinski!

Glenn Bateman

Ian HOLM herec

I think Ian Holm would certainly fit the part of Glenn Bateman.

Ralph Brentner

dennis quaid

Dennis Quaid.  I think he could pull off the whole mid-western farmer vibe of Ralph’s character nicely.

Dayna Jurgens

Rosario dawson

I would love to see Rosario Dawson in this role.  Dayna is a tough chick, afterall, in the book she has to stand toe to toe with Flagg himself!

Judge Farris


I think Jeffrey DeMunn would make a fine Judge Farris.

Mother Abigail

Phylicia Rashad

  I thought Ruby Dee made a great Mother Abigail in The Stand mini series back in the 90’s, and would love to see her reprise that role again, but sadly she passed away last year. My current pick would be Phylicia Rashad.  Make-up artists might have to do some major work making her look 108 years old, but she has a great voice, and would be great for this character.  I’d listen to Clair Huxtable if she came to me in a dream, wouldn’t you?

Trashcan Man


Jim Carrey.  Think about it.  If there is any character in The Stand that is over-the-top (besides maybe The Kid) it’s Trash Can Man.  But he is also dangerous, and I think Jim Carrey is a brilliant actor who could walk that line.

Lloyd Henreid


Lloyd is one of my many favorite characters in the book.  He’s no rocket scientist, but he is fiercely loyal to Flagg to the end.  I think Sam Rockwell would make a great Lloyd.

Julie Lawry

olivia wilde

Olivia Wilde. Done.

The Kid

joaquin pheonix

Joaquin Phoenix.  I mean, right? You believe that happy crappy?

Randall Flagg aka The Walkin’ Dude


I have to go with the rumored casting choice on this one.  Matthew McConaughey. And if anyone has any doubts as to whether or not he could play a demon, I suggest watching the movie Frailty. This guy would rock as Flagg, come on!

Well, there ya go folks! Fans of the book feel free to comment below with any of your own choices for the roles.  I’m sure whoever they cast for the real deal will be perfect, but it was fun to dream cast my own version of Stephen King’s The Stand!

By the way, if you’re as big of a fan of the book as I am and can’t wait for this movie, I highly recommend checking out Marvel’s THE STAND comic series in the meantime.  It’s fantastic!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more comics and art coming soon!


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