Red Sonya & Hellboy

Each year around this time we do a Secret Santa style art swap among members of our group. We all submit a character request of some kind (I asked for Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead!) and then are randomly assigned to someone else. So this year I was asked to draw Red Sonya and Hellboy for my friend Damon. I had never drawn either character before, but I think it turned out well. I don’t think these 2 characters are drawn together often (or maybe ever?) so that’s kinda cool. I also liked the color theme of red shared between the 2, so I drew them in pencil and used red for the background.  Anyway, Damon, sorry you couldn’t make it to the party last night but hope you like the drawing! Merry Christmas!RedSonyaHellboy and below is my gift from the super talented Phil Back! Daryl Dixon, fuck yeah! Both pieces are going on my wall right next to Rick Grimes (who I got from rockstar artist Steven Bowman last year!) Next year I’m asking for Michonne and Carl haha!!DARYL201DARYL101And here is some other fantastic art from our Secret Santa Art Swap last night! LCSpartyLCSparty2


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