A Children’s Story…





This story will be concluded in our Louisville Cartoonist’s Society’s children’s anthology book “Little Tales” coming out this summer!  I truly believe it’s going to be our best book yet!

For me, this story is about a child’s imagination running wild into the dark.  The main character Allie hears noises in the night, she is scared, so she imagines herself as a powerful princess, and her 3 stuffed animals as her royal guards to protect her.  But really they are just the different voices of fear insider her head, telling her to be afraid.  I wanted this story to be about facing our fears, and how a lot of times the things we fear turn out to be much smaller than we imagine them to be.

Personally, the past 2 months have been incredibly stressful, exhausting, and not much fun at all.  But while I was going through everything, I was also trying to write a children’s story because I was really excited about the idea of us doing a full-color book for kids, and I knew I didn’t want to miss out on being a part of it no matter what.  I struggled with a few other story ideas, but the whole time I had this character Allie in the back of my mind…  And in the end, she was the one character who refused to leave so I wrote a story around her.   I think writing a kid’s story helped me a little because it kinda forced me to be in a positive frame of mind, at least while I was working, so I was grateful for that.

I will admit that after drawing princesses, unicorns, pink rabbits, and giant stuffed animals,  I could use a shot of testosterone for my next project lol! Which is good because my next story is about wanton destruction and wrecking stuff! 😉 Stay tuned!


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