This is a character I created called Outburst from my upcoming comic book Havoc Force!

Outburst has a short fuse and an explosive temper, but I still want her to be likable so it has been challenging to find a good balance in her character design.  I wanted difference in the look of each character, so all 3 members of Havoc Force are based on different geometric shapes.  Granite (square) is big and blocky and has a lantern jaw,  Fraction (triangle) is more edgy and angular,  you can see triangular shapes in his hair and even in the shape of his head, while Outburst (circle) here is a little more curvy and wholesome with a roundish face.  For her hairstyle, I went for kind of a cute punk thing with some spikes in the back to give her a little sass! Hopefully it wont be too hard to reproduce over and over in the panels of the comic…


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