The Riddler Re-designed!

One of our sketch topics in my art group was to re-design a popular character’s costume, so I chose to re-design one of Batman’s most puzzling villains… The Riddler!  Hope you enjoy!

Note:  The Riddler has always been one of my favorite villains, but if anyone could use a re-design in the DC Universe I thought it was him.   So I decided to give him a full mask because I thought he would want his identity and expressions to always be in question.  Also, I made him super-thin because he really wouldn’t be much of a fighter.   After all, his brain is his only real weapon.   Batman is a detective first and foremost, so a more cerebral villain always makes for a more interesting story than a simply violent enemy.  I also imagined The Riddler would want to boost his mental speed any way possible,  so I imagined him possibly addicted to stimulants as well… hopefully Christopher Nolan will call when he sees my design!!!

(I did not create the font used to spell The Riddler.)


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