The Process

For anyone interested in my drawing process (probably no-one, but I’m showin’ ya anyway) here is a recent sketch I did of a steampunk girl (inspired by Lady Mechanika and in it’s own 3-step process of creation.

Step 1:  I do a bit of planning in my head first of what I want to draw… (for this particular sketch I was thinking of a character similar to Lady Mechanika, only a little more light-hearted and playful) …then I sketch it out on paper until somewhere inside the mess I think I’ve got what i want…

…as you can see, they don’t always start out as a masterpiece ready to be displayed in the Smithsonian.

Step 2: I use my lightbox to trace the lines from my initial sketch that I want to use and clean it all up…

She’s looking a little better, yeah?  You can take the beer goggles off now… but you might wanna keep your steampunk goggles close by ‘cuz this drawing is not quite finished just yet…in fact, I asked a friend of mine for a critique and she pointed out a critical problem!  Check out this poor girl’s leg on the left…it looks broken down by her shin! ugh.  Sometimes these things just slip by you no matter how hard you stare at your work.

Step 3: After performing a little re-constructive surgery on her leg, and adding a touch of detail work to her costume, I think I’ve got this steampunk girl just the way I want her to look…

…and there you have it, folks!  Hope you like my sketch, and hope you have enjoyed seeing a little into the process of how I work.  Thanks for reading!


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