Saw Ghostbusters last night aaaaand… I absolutely LOVED it! I wanted to post a very brief, spoiler-free review because I felt like this movie has been so insanely (and unfairly) beat down with negativity and hate before it was even given a chance, that I really wanted to share something positive. First of all, I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan. It’s one of my favorite franchises of all time. So naturally, I was hyped about this movie from the start. But I’ll be honest, I did get a little nervous after seeing the very first trailer for it. But I’m so glad I didn’t let that (or all the hate generated online towards it) detour me from actually seeing the movie because I enjoyed every minute of it! It was SO much funnier than I expected, and I mean laugh-out-loud in the theater funny! And that’s what was so special about the original Ghostbusters… it completely worked as an action-adventure movie AND a comedy AND somehow managed to balance elements of supernatural horror and spooky fun! And to me, this movie succeeded in the same way. All 4 of the lead women were hilarious, Chris Hemsworth was an absolute riot, the special effects were cool as hell and visually arresting… honestly, there isn’t much about this movie NOT to like! This movie was so much fun! So to director Paul Feig: well done, sir! And to all the women in this motion picture: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones… you guys rock! Can’t wait for the sequel :) ghostbusters-2016_256796_2.jpg


Family Night Revisited!

Back in 2010 I created a comic strip called “Family Night” and recently I decided to re-draw a few them just for fun. But also I wanted to apply some of the things I’ve learned since then, and share with you some of my early mistakes as a cartoonist. Not necessarily as a tutorial on how to make comics (I’m certainly not qualified to do that, I’m still learning how myself!) but to maybe give others a few examples of how we grow as artists, and how it’s all part of the process. My jokes are still LAME, of course. But I think I’m a bit better at telling them now😉 Bob the Builder

Back then I wasn’t inking my pencil work because I was stubborn and I believe my artwork suffered for it, as you can see from the difference between the comic above drawn in 2010 and the one below drawn in 2016. I think this is a good example of how inking your line work can make your art pop, and simply give it a more finished, polished look to it. I still use my pencils to give some grey tone, but I think inking makes the art look more bold.


The next comic is another example of my massive failing as an artist early on, and that is: BACKGROUNDS. Or rather, my complete LACKING OF. I was lazy, and it showed in my work. FAM00701

This comic was muddy and dirty, but with a little ink and the addition of some simple backgrounds, I think it polished up nicely🙂


My third comic is yet another example of my early failure as a cartoonist in that I often used WAY too much unnecessary dialogue. I took an already not that great joke, and ran it straight into the ground. Booooo! Not funny!FAMN0601

But thanks to the counsel of my friend and fellow artist Stephen Johnson, I was able to learn from my mistake. He pointed out to me that this comic should’ve been a 3-panel strip, period. The punchline was in the third panel, the entire fourth panel was completely unnecessary, and he was absolutely right. FamilyNightSerendipity

Boom. Done. Much better. And lastly, I have this comic. Note the fact that I didn’t even bother to draw the white part in my eyes back then. Just black dots. My laziness apparently knew no bounds…FAMNPB01

I didn’t really add a whole lot to this one, but I think the addition of the inks, and the subtraction of even just a few unnecessary words made it just a little bit better overall.


Well, thanks for reading! Hopefully I didn’t bore you too bad, and maybe even helped you in some small way to improve your own comics through my mistakes. I definitely would like to re-do a few more of these old comics and archive them in a book someday… but for now I’m off to my next comic project! Stay tuned!🙂


TMNT Sketchbook!

TMNTSketchbookCoverGreenIt’s true that I’ve been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil.  But if you were to ask me WHAT I was drawing during those early formative years as an artist, my answer would definitely have to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Back when I was a Teeny Meenie Ninja Turtle myself, there was nothing that inspired me more to draw than those Heroes In A Half Shell!  And so recently my friend Mark and I decided it would be fun to revisit our childhood a bit, and put together a book of brand new TMNT sketches!  This book will soon be available for purchase at my etsy shop, but for now you can enjoy my contribution to the book right here at Mind Circus Comics🙂

TMNTDonatelloDonatello (always been my favorite of the squad!)TMNTLeoAndSplinterLeo & SplinterTMNTAprilAndCaseyCasey & AprilTMNTShredderShredder & his Foot ClanTMNTBebopAndRocksteadyBebop & RocksteadyTMNTKrangKrangTMHipsterTJust for funTMNTWrestlingCostumesAfter their first comic book hit the shelves in 1984, TMNT creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird briefly considered changing their heroes costumes to the ones above.  I like the designs, they were fun to draw!  But I imagine things would’ve been a lot different had they decided to go that route…img_20160518_134129.jpgimg_20160518_130300.jpgSome of my original TMNT drawings back in 1991. I was 11 years old🙂

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more updates soon at Mind Circus Comics! -BruceTMNTSketchbookCoverGreen


My Top 5 Favorite Comic Artists!

Obviously, the beauty of comics is seeing the art and writing working together to tell a story in ways that can’t be done by either one alone.  That being said, there are a few artists that I will buy their book just for the sheer love of their artwork by itself, no matter who the writer is!  And here are my TOP 5:

Freddie Williams II

WarmUpSketchBookCover          Warmup018T_Warmup008Warmup073Warmup112Warmup048

Man, look at all that gorgeous ink wash and grey tones!  Love it!  You can check out more of Freddie Williams’s awesome artwork HERE!

Rafael Albuquerque


THIS guy.  Amazing.  Love his style! American Vampire is one of my all time favorite comics because his artwork in that book is so haunting and beautiful.  You can check out more Rafael Albuquerque’s art goodness HERE!

Kenneth Rocafort


When I think of a true ARTIST, Kenneth Rocafort always comes to mind.  He is a creative force with a seemingly limitless imagination!  And if you don’t believe me, do yourself a favor and check out his daily art insanity HERE! and keep in mind that in addition to his regular comic book work for DC, he also creates a beautiful piece of artwork in these tiny Moleskine sketchbooks EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (and has done so for the past several years!)  Needless to say, he’s a big creative inspiration to me🙂

Dustin Nguyen

poison-ivy-and-batman-dustin-nguyenmaleficent-dustin-nguyenDustinGothamDustinBatmanVSupermangotham_min52DustinSirensDustinJokerHarley 1197662-red_carpet_by_duss005

Dustin Nguyen is a BEAST.  I don’t think dude ever sleeps!  His style is adaptable, and he can go anywhere from fun, cute children’s story/fairytale artwork like in Lil’ Gotham, to a grim, gritty style in Streets of Gotham!  And just look at his watercolor work! (Would ya look at that! Would ya just look at that!) You can look at more of his awesome work HERE!

Babs Tarr


Oh boy, do I love Babs Tarr.  I will buy every book that has her name on it! I absolutely love her style, it has just about everything I could ever want for in a comic book!  Check out more of her gorgeous work HERE!

Thanks for reading everyone! Please feel free to leave in the comments below your own Top 5 list of favorite comic book artists, and stay tuned for more art & updates right HERE at Mind Circus Comics!🙂