Comic Exercise

I wanted to try an exercise a friend presented in my art group (where you draw a page mini comic with 3 to 5 word balloons; leave the balloons empty, then give it to someone else who fills them in with text from an existing comic) so here is a page I drew with my heroes fighting robot zombies! All the balloons are empty so if anyone wants to fill them in with text from another comic feel free!HFexercise2


*Coloring and text by Phil Back

How Dr. Delirium Stole Christmas!


Wanted to post a holiday sketch of some sort and I thought this might be kind of cool… I’ve been working on a superhero comic for kids for a while now, and when I designed the villain for the book, Dr. Delirium, I had 4 things in mind for inspiration: Christopher Walken, Jafar from Aladdin, Doofenshmirtz from Phineas & Ferb, and of course… The GRINCH! Somehow all of those things blended together and out came this guy lol.  Happy Holidays everyone!

Havoc Force Pin-Up Page!

Just wanted to share some awesome pin-ups and sketches from a few friends who were gracious enough to hook me up for my latest comic book project. Big thanks to all of them!0BOWMN01

Havoc Force/Scarlett Fever/Dr. Delirium by Steven Bowman

Dr. Delirium by Stephen Johnson (2)

Dr. Delirium by Stephen Johnson

Granite by Zach Allen

Granite by Zach Allen

Granite by Mark Hothi

Granite by Mark Hothi

Dr. Robo-Tussin!

Dr. Delirium by Phil Back


Alias:  Vanquish

Real Name:  Dustin Duzel

Affiliation: Villain

Special Ability:  Wears a suit designed by Dr. Delirium that mimics the power of each member of Havoc Force:  indestructible armor, multiple bionic arms, and fires explosive blasts.

History:  Dustin is a cyber-punk, video gaming thief  who got busted stealing electronics from Dr. Delirium’s lab.  Impressed with his knowledge of technology, weapons, and various other gadgetry, Dr. Delirium offered Dustin an opportunity to join his super villain crew and gave him a special suit to make trouble for Havoc Force!

The Evil Dr. Delirium!

Alias:  Dr. Delirium

Real Name: Robert Tussin

Affiliation:  Villain

Special Abilities:  evil genius, mad scientist, criminal mastermind.

History:  After an accidental laboratory explosion took most of his arms, the quiet Dr. Tussin went bye-bye and transformed into the evil Dr. Delirium!