Turkey Day Special!


I’m going to update just on Mondays, but I wanted to give you guys a little Thanksgiving Special comic…  I’ve never fired a gun before, never held a gun before, and definitely never killed an animal with one before. But… I do plan on eating some deep-fried turkey tomorrow with the fam, so I guess I’m a hypocrite?  (but if it was up to me to actually HUNT the food, I’d be living off of fruit and nuts and corn!)  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

What Ever Happened To The Go-Bots?


Updates:  So I’m starting up my comic again, and I’m just calling it “Mind Circus” from now on, and I’m going to try very hard to update every Monday with a new one.  It won’t necessarily have any set theme or set characters that were in my other comics, sometimes it will be about my life and I will be in it, sometimes it’ll guest star my friends and family, or someone in the news…or sometimes it’ll just be about whatever random mania I’ve been thinking about in the circus of my mind like this one.  But stay tuned, and be sure to check back here at Mind Circus Comics every Monday for a laugh! Hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to sharing comics with you guys again on a regularly scheduled basis!  Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed Mind Circus #1 :)

News Updates, My Etsy Shop, and 80’s Cartoons!!!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, I’ve been working on loads of other projects at the moment…but!  All is well, and I promise to share more with everyone soon!  In the meantime, feel free to check out all the books and other fun stuff that I have been putting together lately right HERE at the Mind Circus Comics Shop!  Big thanks to everyone who has supported me and my art, love you guys!  Also, been working on a little side project… an 80’s cartoon sketchbook!  I grew up in the 80’s, and my brothers and I watched all the 80’s cartoons so I thought it would be fun to draw a few!  Hope you enjoy my first, and I’ll be posting more soon!  InspectorGadget

Mind Circus Comics Shop is now OPEN!

Shut down my blog “My Work Without Pictures” today. After posting 10 years worth of my work online for free, I just wanted to try something else. Sooooo… I opened an etsy shop!!! *YAAY!!!* Mind Circus Comics Shop is now officially OPEN! Currently all I have in stock is my new collection of poems, BUT! Starting in September, I will be selling a different story every month for an entire year! Plus loads of comics, zines, and other cool art related stuff planned for the fall so stay tuned! :)

See Sick

ALRSSK01Yep. Done and DONE! Feels good to get it all out of my system here. Say all the things I needed to say. See, when I started Artistic License Revoked back up a few months ago I had a very specific goal in mind. To do 24 brand new comics (in the standard newspaper strip size) and I have done just that. I wrote 24 new comics, and my hope was to send them to a newspaper syndicate when I was finished drawing them, but very soon into the process I realized I was in trouble. For one, nobody reads the paper anymore. Certainly not my target audience anyway. They get their news online, just like everybody else, so it almost seemed like a hopeless task. Not to mention the fact that there’s no room for my silly comic among the big dawgs like Garfield and Peanuts. I know my weaknesses. One, I over-write. WAY too much dialogue. That’s a big no-no. Two, my hand lettering looks amateur. It really needs to be done digitally. And three, my jokes are usually a bit too inside, too personal. Not the best route to go if you want to achieve wide-spread commercial success. And I guess this is a good opportunity to talk about why I use myself in my comics in the first place. People always ask me, why do you draw yourself in your comics, are you a narcissist or something? Uh, yeah. Of course I am. I’m an artist, duh. But the truth is there are a bunch of reasons why I do it. Am I somehow trying to immortalize myself through my art? Do I do it as a form of self-help therapy, a way of expressing myself in ways that I simply cannot in real life? Or am I just trying to share a story with the world as seen through my eyes? Maybe, probably, perhaps… Really, I just needed somebody to be the ASS of the joke, and what better person to fill that role than myself?! Yes, my comics are flawed. Because I am flawed. But people don’t connect with things that are perfect on paper. People connect with other people. And that’s all I’ve hoped to do. To please myself, and to please others. To make people laugh. But I wouldn’t say this journey has been a total wash-out for me. Where it has pointed out my weaknesses, it has also strengthened my skills in other areas. For instance, if you were to go back and look at any of my comics before these last 24, you’ll see that none of them were ever inked. Only pencils. So I feel I’ve come a long way in my inking ability. Also, the coloring. I mean, c’mon. Before I was using a cheap box of color pencils I got from the grocery store. What the hell was I doing? Not saying you have to have expensive tools to make great art, but I feel like switching to watercolors has upped my game a bit, at least a little. I realize I still have a long way to go, but it’s all part of the process. I know I’ll get there someday. And I really want to thank everyone who has travelled with me this far. Everyone who liked my comics, shared them on facebook, and started following me on WordPress… I really hope you will continue to follow me on this journey. I have a LOT more planned for the future! Who knows what lies ahead for these 2 struggling writers?? But for now, it’s time for the sun to set once again on my comic Artistic License Revoked. It’s always been there for me when I needed it. When I needed an escape. And I know one day I will need it again. But for now, that’s all folks! :) Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and stay tuned for more right here at Mind Circus Comics!alrFin

Starving Artist

ALRCOI01Not gonna lie, I usually comb the depths of my car seats for loose change about every 2 weeks. I usually find just enough coin for a mexican pizza at Taco Bell, or enough to wash a load of clothes at the laundrymat. The struggle is real, kids.

Happy Father’s Day!

ALR03001I know its a few days early for a Father’s Day post, but my art group and I will be busy all weekend at the Derby City Comic Con (if you are in the Louisville area, swing by the KY International Convention Center Saturday & Sunday, visit the Louisville Cartoonist Society table and check out our new fantasy themed anthology book Tall Tales & Little Lies!) so I probably won’t be able to post any new comics for a few days. But I do have a quick story to tell… Many years ago something happened to me in the restroom of the Mall that I’ll never forget. I realize that’s about the worst way imaginable to start off a story but hang in there. So there I am at the urinal taking care of business, when I hear a guy outside the bathroom door tell his daughter that he needed to use the bathroom, and for her to sing her ABCs until he got back. So this guy walks in and approaches the spot next to me, and we both stand there quietly, while his child is outside singing her ABCs. But after she got to Z, the child became silent. The guy immediately shouted to her “Sing it again, sweetie!” By that time I was finished, washed my hands and walked out the door. As I walked past the child I smiled, but I remembered thinking the whole situation was a bit odd. Until it dawned on me what was going on there. The girl was too old to be going into the men’s restroom with her father, but not too old to wander off while he went to the bathroom, or worse, be kidnapped. He didn’t need his kid to practice her ABCs, he just needed to know she was still out there. And that was my first real understanding of what it must be like to be a parent, believe it or not. Years later I started dating a girl with a one year old daughter, and I thought of that time at the Mall often over the next 13 years. There was one time (while her mother was working) that I took her to McDonald’s for lunch, and a man in line in front of us became irate for whatever reason. He started screaming and cussing, even threw his french fries at the cashier behind the counter. We both looked at each other like, YIKES! I’ll never forget the look on her face as she moved behind me to put me in between her and him. I remember thinking, wow. This child is counting on me to protect her. I can’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag, but in that moment, I think that was as close as I’ve ever felt to being a father. Later that year she gave me a Happy Father’s Day card that read: Not all superheroes wear capes. I still have that card to this day, and I’m eternally grateful to her for enriching my life. I know I probably failed her as a strong father figure, but I hope she at least will always remember me as a positive male influence in her life. Anyway I just wanted to give a shout out to all the great fathers I know, my friends Mark, Ted, Phil, Ross, Damon, my cousins Aaron and Dylan, my brother David…

…and lastly, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to my dad. He is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever known. I just hope that if he ever feels like he hasn’t succeeded in the world, in his work, the way he had hoped to, or if he ever has frustrations in life or ever feels like he isn’t the man he wanted to be, I just hope he knows that he has always been a great success to me. (He’s a damn good cook too!) :)

Quantum Relations

ALRQLP01Haha that’s right. It’s 2015 and I made a Monica Lewinski joke AND referenced Quantum Leap!! Maybe I’m living in the past… But imagine if Sam Beckett really DID prevent the whole Monica Lewinski/Bill Clinton affair! Clinton wouldn’t have been impeached… who knows how it might have changed history! Would America be any different today? Would it have an effect on Hillary’s 2016 presidential run? Who knows?! I do think there is a slight similarity between former president Clinton and Quantum Leap’s Al Calavici, Sam’s holographic bestie. They both have the gift of gab, they both love the ladies, and they both love cigars! heh. But seriously, if I could reboot one TV show it really would be Quantum Leap. I LOVED that show. I do love the continuing saga and epic storytelling of shows like The Walking Dead, but I also really miss shows like Quantum Leap and The X-Files, that told a stand alone story that wrapped up at the end of the hour, and started a brand new adventure the next week! I think Quantum Leap had a concept that, in the hands of good writers, could last 10 seasons! Longer even! I know Quantum Leap gets mocked for being so utterly well-meaning and earnest that it was too good for it’s own sake, but so what?! Does every show on tv HAVE to be dark and gritty and violent??? I miss Quantum Leap’s good-natured vibe and I wish more shows today were brave enough to “make the world a better place” :)