Spiced Apples

SpicedApplesHaven’t posted a comic strip in awhile, hope you guys enjoy it!

DCCC Time!

Derby City Comic Con is this weekend! I’ll be there on Saturday with the Louisville Cartoonist Society, rollin’ out our newest anthology “Derby City Stories!” I’ll also have copies of my 2014 sketchbook “STUFF & THANGS,” a brand new short story  “Love Potion # None,” my children’s comic “Princess Allie and Her Royal Guards,” and a few sketch cards for sale! Stop by and join the fun! Photo-0666Photo-0682SKCRDS01Sketch cards available: Dr. Who #11, Alice & Cheshire, and Wonder Woman!

TMNT redesign

TMNTredesignWith the new movie coming out this summer I thought it would be fun to re-design the old TMNT gang in my own way… first there’s “Hipster Michelangelo” complete with fedora, scarf, and can of PBR! Then there’s Leonardo (who’s still kind of a douchebag.) Then Raphael, who I tried to make even more of a brawler. And finally, my personal favorite, Donatello. Didn’t make him as big or as muscular as the rest, because he doesn’t need to be. His brain is his weapon!

Comic Exercise

I wanted to try an exercise a friend presented in my art group (where you draw a page mini comic with 3 to 5 word balloons; leave the balloons empty, then give it to someone else who fills them in with text from an existing comic) so here is a page I drew with my heroes fighting robot zombies! All the balloons are empty so if anyone wants to fill them in with text from another comic feel free!HFexercise2


*Coloring and text by Phil Back

How Dr. Delirium Stole Christmas!


Wanted to post a holiday sketch of some sort and I thought this might be kind of cool… I’ve been working on a superhero comic for kids for a while now, and when I designed the villain for the book, Dr. Delirium, I had 4 things in mind for inspiration: Christopher Walken, Jafar from Aladdin, Doofenshmirtz from Phineas & Ferb, and of course… The GRINCH! Somehow all of those things blended together and out came this guy lol.  Happy Holidays everyone!

Dr. Who!

Every year my art group does a Secret Santa art swap.  It’s a great idea for us broke artists who still want to get into the holiday spirit!  Basically we put in a request for something we want drawn (I requested Harley Quinn because I love her!) and in return we randomly get assigned something to draw for someone else.  This year I got “Dr. Who 10 and 11″ and here’s my finished sketch!  (I’ve never seen the show so I hope I did ok.)


Same Old Sh*t


Been thinkin a lot about spare time lately, and how I want to spend it.  I’ve been extremely fortunate and very grateful to be involved (along with several other artist friends) in making comics for a local paper for the past few years. But about a month ago our deal ended, and we were informed they will no longer be using our cartoons primarily due to spacing issues.  Since then, unfortunately, I’ve become far less motivated to keep doing the daily comic strips, and much more excited about working on other projects.  I really want to get back into writing with my friend Mark (which actually was the inspiration for ‘Artistic License Revoked’ to begin with), as well as hopefully some NEW comic projects!  I wrote this particular comic above as an alternate ending to the one below, but I’ll let you decide which one is a more appropriate ending to the series.  I loved creating these comics, I had so much fun making them and hope to come back to it eventually, but for now I bid ‘Artistic License Revoked’ farewell. Thanks to everyone who liked this comic and supported me, and stay tuned for updates on my new projects! Thanks for reading!

“End of the Road”alrFin