Corpse Bride

CB000101CorpseBrideSomeone told me the other night that they enjoy seeing the rough pencil work more than the actual finished product.  Normally I don’t post my roughs, but I figured if someone out there thinks they’re kinda cool, hey why not? Enjoy!


For those who may not know, every October artists from all over the world take on the Inktober challenge by doing one ink drawing a day for an entire month.  (For me it’s extra challenging because I usually never take my art past the pencil stage!)  I’m hoping this will push me to try new things and build confidence in inking my own artwork… we’ll see how it goes! Here’s the first 3 days…

INKTBR01inktober3*The Day of the Dead skull was done on a sketch card using a Micron Pigma pen and watercolor, then I changed the background to black in the computer.

Stay tuned for more!

Mikasa & Rei!


A sketch I drew for a friend.  It was a little challenging just because I wasn’t familiar with the 2 characters (their costumes were difficult!) and I’m no good at drawing anime/manga style so I just kinda did my usual thing.  But I did try tho!  It was a fun sketch :)

Spiced Apples

SpicedApplesHaven’t posted a comic strip in awhile, hope you guys enjoy it!

DCCC Time!

Derby City Comic Con is this weekend! I’ll be there on Saturday with the Louisville Cartoonist Society, rollin’ out our newest anthology “Derby City Stories!” I’ll also have copies of my 2014 sketchbook “STUFF & THANGS,” a brand new short story  “Love Potion # None,” my children’s comic “Princess Allie and Her Royal Guards,” and a few sketch cards for sale! Stop by and join the fun! Photo-0666Photo-0682SKCRDS01Sketch cards available: Dr. Who #11, Alice & Cheshire, and Wonder Woman!

TMNT redesign

TMNTredesignWith the new movie coming out this summer I thought it would be fun to re-design the old TMNT gang in my own way… first there’s “Hipster Michelangelo” complete with fedora, scarf, and can of PBR! Then there’s Leonardo (who’s still kind of a douchebag.) Then Raphael, who I tried to make even more of a brawler. And finally, my personal favorite, Donatello. Didn’t make him as big or as muscular as the rest, because he doesn’t need to be. His brain is his weapon!