Mind Circus Comics Shop is now OPEN!

Shut down my blog “My Work Without Pictures” today. After posting 10 years worth of my work online for free, I just wanted to try something else. Sooooo… I opened an etsy shop!!! *YAAY!!!* Mind Circus Comics Shop is now officially OPEN! Currently all I have in stock is my new collection of poems, BUT! Starting in September, I will be selling a different story every month for an entire year! Plus loads of comics, zines, and other cool art related stuff planned for the fall so stay tuned! :)



Woke up needing to create this. Not sure why. I’m very happy in my life right now, but lately feeling some mounting stress building up. Maybe I just needed to remind myself it’s okay to have faith sometimes. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna start preaching on this site, you don’t have to unfollow me lol.ANGEL101



A little Walking Dead fan fiction piece I’ve been working on. (Yes, of course I ship Bethyl! :)) I tried to imagine if these 2 characters had actually hooked up in the TV series, how they may have changed each other and influenced each other. Massive thank you to my friend and tremendously talented artist Brooke Hernando for lending her mad coloring skillz on this one!



Derby City Comic Con!

Had a great time at DCCC yesterday! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Louisville Cartoonist Society table to say hi and check out our work :)

Also, big thanks to everyone who bought our new comic book “West of Light” written by the “Baneful” Bruce Thomas (yours truly), pencilled by the “Malevolent” Phil Back, and inked by the “Diabolic” Steven Bowman!!! We are so proud of this book, we really poured our hearts into this one. Thanks for the support!wpid-20150620_161944.jpg



Our LCS table…wpid-20150620_081420.jpg


Me & Ace! This guy reeeally had the character DOWN!


And finally, starting my Katie Cook art collection! Met her at the convention, love her work. Got a little Rocksteady & Bebop from her, an Elsa, and a manga character for someone else for a gift :)




MADMX201So Mad Max. Saw the movie this week. It was wild! Maybe a little too wild? I dunno. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I never saw the original, but I did like the new one. Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy both have such expressive eyes. Felt inspired to draw something. Hope you like it!